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Tired of battling with blemish-prone skin? This is the opportunity to offer your skin the tender loving care it deserves. Scroll down for skincare tips and a chance to WIN!

Fight blemishes. Soothe your skin.

Anti-spot tutorial

A 100% dermo-cosmetic routine !

When buying your products, choose those which clearly state "blemish-prone skin" or similar
Tip: You can pair your Cleanance Expert care with a mattifying lotion and apply a mask once or twice a week.
Make sure to use gentle products to avoid irritation !


Apply Cleanance Expert every morning and evening for smoother, clearer skin.
Using the right dermo-cosmetic products will boost your blemish-fighting routine.
Expert care, a healthy lifestyle and patience can help reduce blemishes, spots and blackheads! !

First and last steps of the day

Wash your face twice a day with a suitable cleanser to remove impurities and avoid shine.
Cleanse morning and evening, with a micellar water or an anti-blemish cleansing gel. Make sure your make-up is 100% removed.
This will help to reduce excess sebum and assist in reducing blemishes.

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Quiz Special care for blemish-prone skin

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