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Intolerances and allergies

Intolerances and allergies

In cases of both intolerant skin or skin sensitised as a result of an immune reaction, it is key to respect its requirements by using products that are highly tolerant and very gentle.

Whatever your skin type, specific factors might trigger or lead to oversensitivity: Your skin reacts strongly when you’d rather it didn’t…

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Sensitivity, intolerance, allergy ?

Sensitivity or intolerance ? a question of degree…. Many of you have sensitive skin, but in varying degrees. It is, however, important to differentiate between sensitive and sensitised (or allergic) skin.

Sensitive skin and intolerant skin
    Sensitive skin
    Fine, light, often a little dry, gets red easily.
    It itches, feels tight, gets hot…
    The sun is a known aggressor for the skin, specially light skin.
    Cold and wind are also difficult on light skin.

   Some dermo-cosmetic or therapeutic products are formulated using ill-suited ingredients:
    - Cleansers that include irritating surfactants
    - Acne treatments with a gentle peeling effect
    The skin doesn’t feel any relief, on the contrary, it is traumatized by these ill-suited products.

   Sometimes, your skin reacts excessively to the slightest aggression; it cannot stand anything and becomes intolerant. It itches, feels tight, gets red, scaly. In this case, it is time to choose products containing very few ingredients.
    Sensitised or allergic skin
    An allergy is caused by an immunological response (to an allergen).
    Obvious clinical symptoms can be observed on the skin: Red patches with small eczema bumps, strong itching, swelling and oozing along with more or less intense pruritus.
    If you experience allergic reactions, consult your physician without delay; Through allergy testing, he will look for and find the substance that causes your reaction.


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