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Made from a trio of effective, well-tolerated, depigmenting actives, D-Pigment is the skin care expert for treatment of epidermal hyperpigmentations.

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  • Hyperpigmentations have always been considered very difficult to treat, no matter the cause. Several topical agents have proven effective to some extent, but the success rate varies according to the products used and the length of treatment.
    Dermo-cosmetic anti-dark spot products can be used to reduce hyperpigmentations and potentiate the effects of topical agents. These molecules are safe to use and good efficacy is obtained if the treatment is maintained over time, along with responsible behavior in terms of limiting sun exposure (using sun creams), the main trigger factor for hyperpigmentations.

  • Chemical peels and cryotherapy are the proven methods of treating pigmentation spots. A chemical peel involves applying a chemical substance to the skin to remove the uppermost layers, thus eliminating the cells that contain melanin. In this way, the skin becomes lighter in the entire area treated. There is a wide variety of products available that can be adapted to obtain the expected result. A specialist should be consulted nonetheless; don't forget that a peel can often provoke unpleasant short-term effects (ranging from discomfort to pain), some of which are plainly visible (erythema, edema, desquamation). A chemical peel can also trigger major complications, especially if performed on the deeper layers of the skin.
    In dermatology, cryotherapy (cold treatment using liquid nitrogen) is frequently used to treat warts, but it is also effective in treating lentigines.

  • Lasers can be a safe and effective therapeutic option for treating several skin blemishes, provided that the treatment is performed by an expert dermatologist in the field. Lentigines are a prime indication for pigmentation lasers, which generally produce very satisfactory results. However, the use of lasers for melasma is a controversial issue since recurrence is a common problem; laser treatment can even aggravate the hyperpigmentation.

  • Hyperpigmentations have always been considered very difficult to treat, no matter the cause. Even so, we can effectively and discreetly conceal hyperpigmentations by using specific, adapted medical make-up. Severe blemishes are often difficult to conceal and excessive make-up creates a "mask" effect. Color correction must be used for an effective, natural result when concealing. Applying a concealer stick with a coral color helps effectively neutralize the brown color of melasma and lentigo spots. Thanks to this technique, less foundation can be applied, which gives make-up a lighter, more natural look.

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