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20/02/2015 - Features

South African Patient Testimonials


"I've always had an obsession with French beauty products and Avène is my absolute favourite. The STAR product for our family is the EAU THERMALE Thermal Spring Water...I spray it on my face after cleaning with the  CLEANANCE gel for oily skin and any time in between. I have oily skin and products I've used before just dries my skin out too much leaving it red and irritated and even oilier! This Avène trio of cleansing gel, Spring water spray & the moisturizer FLUIDE MATIFANT I never want to be without. My skin feels soft, clean & calm without the oil slick I normally have.  My daughter uses the EAU THERMALE for everything - from calming down scrapes & bruises to sorting out itchy mosquito bites. And we discovered it's brilliant for red, irritated & burning eyes after a long day of swimming!!! There's a bottle on every nightstand in the house. Our motto is... When in doubt use the AVÈNE spray!!!! We all use TRIXÉRA Emolient Cleansing Gel for Face and Body in the shower and bath. Its soap and fragrance free, and perfect for sensitive skin. It makes your skin feels clean and soft without drying it out. Our skin has never felt and looked better.....thanks to Avène!!!!!



“I have had eczema on the upper part of my abdomen for most of my life.  Being an elderly lady with sensitive skin, I have tried every possible skin product on the market!  Since using the Avène creams the itch has calmed down significantly! A big part of the eczema has cleared and I’m feeling more comfortable in my clothes.  Durban humidity can really make eczema patients uncomfortable, but since using Avène creams my daily lifestyle is easier.”

Wilma is using Avène Thermal Spring Water, TriXéra+ Sélectiose Emollient Balm and Cleansing Gel and Cicalfate Cream

“I have been suffering with eczema on my arms, hands and feet and in my eyes for years now.  |Since using the Avène products, my life has changed.  The Avène products have eased the itchiness on my arms.  I have been using the Thermal Spring Water spray in my eyes and this product has offered so much relief in my eyes.  Eyes are a sensitive area and are thus difficult to treat.  Another plus is the Tolérance Extreme cream has eased flare ups on my face and especially on my eyelids.  This healing has improved my daily life dramatically”

Noel is using Avène Thermal Spring Water, TriXéra+ Sélectiose Emollient Balm and Cleansing Gel and Tolerance Extreme Cream.


“I am using the Avène creams on my 6 year old daughter.  She has a long history of eczema and started with it when she was only 8 months old.  I have taken her to GP’s and Paedatriatians but nothing that has been prescribed has really helped in the long term. She sometimes scratches so much that she bleeds and leaves bruises and it’s virtually impossible to tell a child to stop scratching when they are itchy or in pain.  She suffers with eczema on her face and body.  This skin condition has been spreading and I have struggled to find a gentle and natural product that will stop it let alone heal it.  After using the Avène creams, the eczema has cleared up so well that there are days I actually forget to put it on.  My child is so much happier and her skin is virtually clear from the red itchy patches and the general condition of her skin is so much better, normally it is extremely dry and looks like it may even crack… but now it is soft and smooth and hydrated”

Robyn is using Avène Thermal Spring Water, TriXéra+ Sélectiose Emollient Balm and Cleansing Gel and Cicalfate Cream

“As you start to get older, your skin changes, and through the years my skin pigmentation started to change. I have tried many products that are on the market.  Then I was introduced to Avène D-Pigment, and to be honest I thought this is just another product, and I’m not going to get any results, well I was in for a big surprise!
I started using D-Pigment in April 2014, mostly on the areas of my face where my pigmentation was the darkest. It is now 6 x months down the line, and my skin looks lighter, softer and you can actually see the pigmentation breaking down, so eventually it will disappear! This is so exciting for me, as I’m starting to use a product that delivers results. This product is truly amazing!  I will continue to use this product so I can complete what I’ve started, the results are truly remarkable.”

Natalie is using Avène D-Pigment

“I am absolutely loving my Avène skin care range. I felt the difference even just after the first day. I can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :-)  I am the happiest as can be. I have soft, healthier looking skin. I have been bragging to all my friends and think I might be your biggest fan!”

Fiona is using Avène Essential care products and Cleanance

“I was given Avène Akèrat 10 to test on my skin by my dermatologist after a severe reaction to medical treatment.  My skin suffered a severe reaction and was extremely dry and painful.  I had tried other creams but did not experience any significant relief or improvement.  After using Avène Akèrat 10, there was a marked improvement both to the pain and the texture of my skin.  I was and still am happy with the results of using this product”

Pauline, Johannesburg

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