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01/10/2019 - Features

7 Questions About Adult Blemishes - Answered.

81% of people who participated in a recent poll on our Instagram stories revealed that they are still dealing with regular break outs even as adults. Typical signs of adult acne include a u-shape pattern of blemishes around the bottom of the cheek and chin area. These blemishes can become swollen and painful and there is a high risk of scarring, leaving residual marks on the skin.
If we don’t take action, acne might disappear on its own or…it might stick around. Don’t wait to find out – take action now. Here are 7 questions about adult acne that our Instagram followers asked.

What products should I use?
We recommend the following products as the go-to skin care routine to combat adult acne-prone skin:

What products should I use for dark spots caused by pimples?
TriAcnéal EXPERT is your go-to product when tackling dark spots caused by pimples. Its key active ingredients include: Diolényl, which helps limit bacterial growth, soothe redness and reduce blemishes. X-Pressin gently exfoliates and smoothes skin texture. Retinaldehyde rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of residual marks (it also has added anti-aging benefits). The product is also rich in the naturally soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water.

I always break out after waxing - what can I do about this?
After you wax, do a compress using gauze and Avène Thermal Spring Water. Spray a fine mist of Thermal Spring Water and use Cicalfate Cream to soothe any irritation.

What cleanser is good but doesn't dry out skin or cause sensitivity?
We recommend the following cleansers for sensitive, blemish-prone skin:

How do I tackle dry, acne-prone skin?
Dryness can cause your skin to over-produce oil and sebum causing unwanted blemishes. Start by addressing the dryness - use the go-to routine mentioned above; however, if you find the Cleanance Cleansing Gel to be too drying, use the Essential Care Cleansing Foam instead.

If I break out as a teen, can I use TriAcnéal Expert?
If you experience stubborn breakouts as a teen, we recommend using Cleanance EXPERT instead of TriAcnéal EXPERT.

How do I deal with hormonal acne that is big, sore and under the skin?

Step 1: See a dermatologist. When it comes to hormonal acne (and any kind of persistent skin concern), we recommend seeing a medical professional first. A dermatologist can determine a course of treatment to help you.
Step 2: Pick a skin care routine that addresses your skin care needs like the one mentioned earlier in this article.

The CLEANANCE range from Eau Thermale Avène offers specialised products for oily and blemish-prone skin, with solutions from teenagers to adults. Available at leading Clicks, Dis-Chem pharmacies and online at Dermastore. 

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