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01/12/2018 - Features

Skin Protect, Ocean Respect

Eau Thermale Avène protects not only your skin, but the ocean too…

As the sunny season approaches and we start planning our holidays, sunscreen is (and should be) an essential item on the family packing list. Good quality sun care with broad-spectrum protection will keep you and your family protected from the harmful effects of the South African sun, but as you dive into the waves, have you ever thought about the potential impact the products you use can have on the ocean and marine life?

Many ingredients found in sunscreens, like silicone and certain sun filters are not biodegradable and can be digested by marine organisms, which can have a very harmful impact.

With this in mind, Eau Thermale Avène (No.1 suncare brand in Europe) introduced a range of suncare that offers optimal sun protection while minimising environmental impact. A project called, Skin Protect, Ocean Respect.

How do we do it?


Minimum number of sun filters
High tolerance for even sensitive skin
Highest broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection
Prolonged cell protection thanks to a powerful antioxidant complex.
Proven photostability for long-lasting protection

Minimum number of sun filters
Reduced impact on the marine environment
Improved formula biodegradability
No water-soluble sun filters

You and your family will have the best sun protection this summer PLUS the added benefit of saving our precious ocean.



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